Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful People

The Queen Mermaid

The MonaLisa Smile

The Collective Mystique

 The Silent Dreamer

 The Fiesty Princess

 The Kept Secret

 The Subtle Genocide

The Gentle Rocker


  1. Face 3,4,5 and 8 be my favorites. So many beautiful photos. I like Mona lisa smile too but her skin is kinda too orange , dont you think? Black and white? Sepia? Might be a stronger portrait. Just a suggestion. All are beautiful though (the subjects help there :D)

  2. I guess your tags really define the pics. My favorite definitely has to be The Subtle Genocide.


  3. I love the pictures...My favourite is the Mona Lisa smile and the Silent Dreamer..Also Subtle Genocide..Well-chosen subjects and aptly named...Waiting to see some more from you :)

  4. The feisty Princess is my fav!!

    It is an absolute perfect click, Credits to subject and you equally!!

    The gentle rockers ,somehow I feel could have been better,the frame is a little disturbed for a perfect smile like that,But an amazing expression captured!

    Rest all are good too,very rich in taste!

    Keep them coming.. they are treat to eyes!

  5. Beautiful!! Loved each one of these... love the amazing, creative captions!!
    And love the way 'subtle genocide' is taken and captioned!!

  6. I wuvv the Fiesty Princess :)

    Mhari fotuu kab le rhe ho bhaiyya?! I'm not getting hitched for lack of good pics!

    Do the society a favour, capture my beauddy in your magnificent vision :)

  7. Now don't eyes tell a story. Nothing is more sexy than eyes staring at you and telling you what you always wanted

  8. First time here.. Coming from Queens blog..I guard the dragons over there!

    the pics are amazing specially like the Silent Dreamer Pic! perfect it is!